John Legend – Under the Stars Lyrics

Here we are, under the stars
Here we are, under the stars
Heaven is not so far
Heaven is not so far
Heaven is not so far
Under the stars

(Verse 1)
We’ll find a love to hold our hand through the cold
We’ll find an angel lying out in the snow
We’ll see a light to lead us all the way home and
Wherever we go, we will know

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Let’s raise a toast for all the good days to come
Let’s celebrate the season, come everyone
Let’s save a kiss for us when the night is done
Oh my love, I’ll keep you warm

(Repeat Chorus)

All the lost and lonely
All the lovers holding on
All of us, no matter what we’ve done
We are not alone although we’re far apart
We are one, under the stars

(Repeat Chorus)

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