Jeremih – Drank Lyrics

Pardon my behavior
I’ll apologize later
Say sorry later
Blame it on the drank, baby
Blame it on the drank, baby
Blame it on the drank, drank, drank
Said if you leave with me tonight
I won’t judge you, no, no
Blame it on the drank, baby
Blame it on the drank, baby
Blame it on the drank, baby

(Verse 1)
You know who you dealing with
You know who you down, work
Put ya money down put ya, head
In the headboard
Let’s go to war baby
First time I couldn’t ignore it baby
How you come and shut the place down?
A pretty face, you throw up with your face down
I couldn’t help but think bout how you taste
I couldn’t help but think of how you kiss
You looking, glisten all up on my neck
Could make me know enough just one time
Come out and love me one time
Just screaming, daddy, daddy one time
You keep your body banging like a 9
You know that any minute, girl it’s mine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I don’t know, no, I don’t know you now
But all I know, know is I’m gon love you down
DJ Khaled say, J just hold em down
Way you wind and roll them hips I hold you down
Can’t help that pu**y tastes like green apple Crown
Got me so drunk, you need some thumping round
To beast up on you, left side
Legs up, talking peaced up
Girl your body’s amazing
If you ain’t hear that from your own mind
You’d probably trip if you heard me
Have your ass screaming out, Jeremih
Girl go head, light up the Marley
Do not know how you got topless
We should take trips to the tropics
This drank and that ass a problem

(Repeat Chorus)

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