Janet Jackson ft J. Cole – No Sleep (Remix) Lyrics

(Intro – Janet Jackson & J. Cole)
You’re missing me yeah that’s nice
I’m missing you just a lil more
Whenever we meet yeah that’s right
We ain’t gonna get no sleep yeah that’s nice
When I get to be just a lil more
Together with you yeah that’s right
It’s fate I complete yeah
We ain’t gonna get no sleep uh, no sleep

(Verse 1 – Janet Jackson)
A vision rolling round in my head, but I don’t really talk about it
I’m loving what you’re doing to me and I don’t wanna do without it
Day and night, I dream of us doing whatever
But I guess I’ll have to wait until that day comes

(Chorus – Janet Jackson &J. Cole)
You’re missing me, I’m missing you
Whenever we meet, we ain’t gonna get no sleep same time
Just a lil more, just a lil more, now, just a lil more now)
When I get to be together with you
It’s fate I complete just a lil more, now, just a lil more now
We ain’t gonna get no sleep

(Verse 2 – Janet Jackson)
48 hours in love, It oughta be a weekend marathon
So you better get ready, my king, cause I’ma be the queen of insomnia
Stay wide awake for every moment we spend together
Cause every second you’re away feels like forever

(Repeat CHorus)

(Bridge – Janet Jackson)
Don’t have time to sleep, but we can dream
So think outside the box, my baby
Show me how much you are missing me
I’ll read between the lines and I sure hope it rains

(Interlude – Janet Jackson & J. Cole)
Cole world yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah turned up the volume up a lil bit, up a lil bit, yeah that’s nice
We ain’t gonna get no sleep
We not, just a lil more, just a lil more, now, just a lil more now
We ain’t gonna get no sleep
We not, just a lil more, just a lil more, now, just a lil more now
We ain’t gonna get no sleep

(Verse 3 – J. Cole Janet Jackson)
I go my way, you go yours
You taste real life, I taste tours
Sweet at first, but after a while
Too much sugar they say is bad for your smile
And I wear a frown now, cause I miss real
I miss a warm house, and home cooked meals
And you miss junk food, that’s why we work
You bring cooked food and I bring desert
Uh, and meet up at the place that we always do
The one swimming through my mind, that was always you
Our time together has inspired a song or two
Or three, or four, or more, mi amor
I’m sure, either you’re the one or I’m caught in the matrix
Staying up for hours while we talk and get wasted
Not from weed smoke, uh, this cheap wine
Drunk off love we both feel deep down
But too scared to say cause we know how this seems
Thinking, maybe we’d be better off friends with benefits
For the moment this adrenaline, got me feeling like a kid again
Butterflies like MJ, had to fit it in
My schedule, check the bezel, gotta escape by six
Damn, how’d it get so late so quick?
The sun rising already? until the next time
I love diving in your mind and coming out with every diamond I can find
No sleep, no sleep

(Repeat Chorus)

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