Kid Cudi – Judgemental Cunt Lyrics

Kid Cudi – Judgemental Cunt Lyrics

This is for all your suffering
Judgemental cunt
Select your potion


Stay tuned, stay tuned
Stay tuned, stay tuned

(Verse 1)
You’re just some fucked up little kid
Just some loser kid and you’re never ever going to be shit
Everywhere he goes loser little kid
Introverted kid, hating everybody type of kid
Look at you dumb punk loser kid
You ain’t never going to be shit somebody told you lies
Can’t hear a thing
Too preoccupied sipping kerosene

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You’re just some loser little boy
Can’t ever do a damn thing right you’ll never be s**t
Thank God, little loser loser boy
And you’ll never be anything but a f**king low life
Look at you dumb scurry little boy
You’ll never be nothing again don’t get this s**t twisted
Oh we shall see
What fate shall bring

(Repeat Chorus)

Yow, yow, help me, yow, how, yow, hey!
Yow, yow-yyow-yow-yow, how, yow, how how how, hey!
Hey, Hey!
Choose your potion

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