Mavado – Shadow Lyrics

Mavado – Shadow Lyrics

A the M dem a watch you
Stand up strong, strong, strong
DP dem a watch you
Deh yah long, long, long
Yeah, me dem a watch
And am a doff one, one

Mi naw live in a no man shadow
Mi naw live in a no man shadow
Wi naw live in a no man shadow
Who waan hate wi gwaan hate wi nuh

Wi naw live in a no man shadow
Wi naw live in a no bwoy shadow
Wi naw live in a no man shadow
Who don’t rate wi don’t rate wi nuh

(Verse 1)
Wi nuh born suh
And mi naw die suh
Mi go smoke pon the track
If you hear mi a chat a bag a thing
Yeah mi high light suh
Dem nuh like si you fly down
Dem start seh you hype
And waan si you die young
Eyes and mouth must sell a shop
Dem lie seh you buy gun
F**k a bag a gyal
Yo money nuff suh yo kyle run
Modeler body gyal oil down
The future in a every youth hand
Seh a waste man time down

Real bad, money cyaa change mi
No girl cyaa change mi
But when mi friend dem start to sell out
Yes a deh suh God a change mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Man a come from nothing to something
Nuh matter weh you waan think
Youths haffi go a school
And yo know seh mi mommy waan things
So how mi fi worthless and meck you laugh
And call mi a jinks
The gully is the real man
Go phone call any links
No bwoy cyaa set mi program
A the 4×5 sing mi slogan
Tell a old 90
Yeah, drop da one yah Chrome is a sure bomb

(Repeat Chorus)

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